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Situated in a rising metropolis and surrounded by flora, Arbor Lanes is an innovation that appeals to both city dwellers and nature enthusiasts as well as independent jet-setters and fun-loving families.

On October 7, Ayala Land Premier celebrated the culmination of its final phase, Olive, with an intimate launch and open house event at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5. Potential new residents were welcome to have cocktails, preview amenities, and touch base with sellers and see for themselves exactly what it is that makes Arbor Lanes so special. Staying true to the community’s dedication to intimate garden living, several areas and corners of the venue were given an extra touch of green with hedges, trees, and fresh blooms—lending a calming, earthly atmosphere.

More than half of the development, after all, is occupied by greenery, and it’s not just on the ground. Arbor Lanes has Garden Terraces, which are alcoves doubling as pocket gardens with outdoor seating, basically acting as parks within the comfort of home. Select units also have their own garden lounges and their own exclusive pools. The distinct orientation of the buildings allow them to catch the wind’s natural flow and minimize sun exposure, making for pleasant conditions no matter the time of year.

Held on a bright Sunday afternoon, the Olive launch was made extra festive with cocktails and lunch by Cibo di Marghi. Across the gallery were set-ups and presentations giving guests a sneak peek into life in Arbor Lanes, including floor plans of units, key details, and an intricate miniature model of the development. Upon request, sellers would take potential clients to the model unit for further discussion and assessment. Guests who booked a unit received an extra treat from luxury travel brand Rimowa.

Quaint, lush, and vibrant, Ayala Land Premier’s pioneer address in Arca South boasts contemporary homes that also pave the way for the future. With seamlessly integrated access to greenery, Arbor Lanes promises a tranquil, stress-free environment where you can breathe easy, think clearly, sleep well, and focus on the finer things—including your own well-being.

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